Broaden our Intellectual-Network and strengthen bonding with members


┃What is YOUWA-KAI?

YOWA-KAI is an organization for the present students and alumni who are learning and have learned Ken’s “Problem Solving Program” at BBT, which was established in 2011. Over 1000 students and alumni have attended YOUWA-KAI sponsored meetings. It is named from “What’s the point?” in Kansai dialect Japanese, which is the essential of problem solving.

┃The purpose of YOUWA-KAI community

Is to offer opportunities for the members who have same learning background at BBT to learn more about “problem solving capabilities” from each other.

Through YOUWA-KAI activities, the members are expected to not only pursue their own growth, but also to motivate others to learn further. Our goal is to foster members to become a professional problem solver who could contribute to the organization as well as society.
■Broaden our Intellectual-Network and strengthen bonding with members■

Common learning activities such as reading books, listening lessons at school, listening presentation from colleagues, or talking with friends, make you definitely learn much more things than you expected, and therefore make you to become aware of important things what you did not see before.
Those are great experiences, however, if you are simply satisfied with them, you just stay in your limited world and probably could not go further.
It is very important for us to touch on new way of thinking.
These are new “Knowledge” for us. But all what we need is to “Implement” the thinking and new knowledge we get from others.
Implementation is the only way to assure right or wrong of the thinking. When you find the thinking is right, you should like to meet the people again to touch their thinking and ideas.
Those who have same desire of wanting to do right things are to get together without noticing, which we call the start of Intellectual-Network.
Through that process, your new knowledge changes into new wisdom.
And those people respect each other and have strong bonding.
Regardless of your age, sex, school you graduated, and the company you work for, this bonding is only cultivated among people who have the same mind, who always want to drive themselves superior growth.
As long as we maintain this kind of ambition, our group is continued to be exciting gatherings. And also it makes to help grow the society better.
We wish to keep this kind of community forever and ever with you.