TOP message, our achievement, and access map

Our Achievements

We have served to various sized and industries of clients. Following lists are the part of our achievements.

● Consulting

Corporate Strategy
Growth Strategy
Foreign Company Entering Japanese Market
Outbound Market Entry of Japanese Company
Target Customer Analysis


● Human resources

Management skill training
Consultant / Problem solver training

┃Consulting/Problem Solving

Corporate Strategy
・”Strategy development for construction materials sales company: Recommendation on the approach to strengthen its product development, management of manufactures, and effective sales system
・”Analysis of the Japanese candidate companies of alliance” for the high tech company: Extracting the important issues of the candidate companies and developing negotiation tactics for the client

Growth Strategy

・”Planning the measures for the sales of new product” for pharmaceutical company: Evaluation of the sales approach in each bases and strategy development to maximize the sales of the new product
・”Strategy development for the significant growth” for scientific instrument manufacturer: Recommendation on the approach in the area of domestic sales, overseas sales, and corporate reorganization by identifying clientfs critical issues and growth opportunities


Foreign Company entering Japanese market

・”Market assessment and analysis of the strength of the client” for University delivering e-learning studies to the business person: Research of the attractiveness of Japanese market and finding the chance to enter the market by analyzing the market, competitors, and the strength of the client
・”Japanese market assessment and formulation of the entering approach” for Fertilizers manufacturer: Analyzing the features of Japanese market, products, and services, offering the effective approach to succeed in Japanese market. Participated in negotiation.
・”Market assessment to launch the new product” for medical device manufacturer: Analyzing the market, competitors, and disincentive, as well as offering the key to success in Japanese market

Outbound Market Entry of Japanese Company

・”Building up the entry strategy to the Indian market” for retail conglomerate enterprise: Value creation of new business, partners’ screening, and participation in the negotiation

Target Customer Analysis

・”Evaluation of the clients’ position” for foreign-affiliated apparel manufacturer: Understanding the position of the client in the business field by the analysis of the market, finance, and business domain, as well as store visiting to understand main 10 competitors
・”Company research” for the investment bank: Understanding the position of the company in the business field by the analysis of the sales, finance, business domain, and the operation in Japanese, Chinese, and world market

┃Human resources
We have been conducting training programs aiming at the production of “problem solver” in the client companies as well as major Japanese companies who are keen about human resource development. Because our training programs are highly evaluated, the relation with those companies last several years. Following lists are part of our achievements.
Management skill training

・Prominent company (7 month program): Problem solving, leadership, customer services, and communication skills training with individual counseling for the improvement of management skill
・Car dealer (6 month program): Training and practice of mentality and action change for the management skill development of area manager
・Leasing company (2 day program): Problem solving skill and leadership training for the managers
・Electric power company (1 day program): Problem finding skill training as a part of management training for the candidates of board member

Consultant / Problem solver training
・Notable consulting firm: Problem solving training for freshman (3 days), Advanced problem solving skills training for mid-level consultants (2 days), nterview skill training (1 day), and Problem solving skill practice training for senior consultants (1 day).
・Chemical company (4 months) : Training for the problem solving skill development with the exercise (analysis, evaluation, and discussion) themed on the problem of the company, using the actual data
・Major advertising company (2 days): Basic training of problem solving skills development for the selected members. Problem finding training as a part of freshman training program
・IT related company (1 day): Problem finding and suggesting sales skill training for system consultant and sales people