Our Service Policy and the Approach to Offer the Value to the Clients

Human Resource Program

We offer human resource development program focusing on problem solving skills, taking advantage of the experience and achievements of our consulting services.

┃Training program which contributes to the change management

To change company and improve its performance, it is indispensible for the members to conduct the project autonomously and unite together to place the project as a company-wide engagement.
Our training program promotes the infrastructure for the change by fostering the motivated members who will undertake the challenge.
Since this concept of change management is becoming more and more important in global scale, we offer this program for not only Japanese company but also the company in other countries.
We have conducted the training in English and we are going to conduct in Chinese with translator this year (in 2009).

Achievement of our training

┃Contents of the Training

“Problem Solving Skill” is the ability to find the critical issue by the logical analysis so as to develop the concrete solution for the problem and catch the potential of the market. Different from common trainings just dealing with the specific, specialized themes such as basic business skills, self enlightenment, or presentation skills, we offer the training in following three steps; firstly let them understand the essential and fundamental idea for the problem solving, secondly let them practice the idea they learned, and thirdly give them the hints to use the skill in their own business field.

We customize our training program depending on the situation of the client or the target of the program. We also offer the motivation management program and individual counseling if needed.

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