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Profile of Manager and Staff

┃President/Managing Director: Kenichi Saito

Graduated from International Christian University
1975 Joined McKinsey & Company, Inc. Tokyo, Japan as a Business Analyst
1987 Elected to be a Partner
1989-1995 Deputy Office Manager of Osaka Office
1996 to present Founder and Managing Director of ForeSight & Company
2005 to 2016 Professor of Kenichi Ohmae Graduate School of Business

Ken Saito has served for over 60 companies since foundation in the industries of Apparel, Automobile, Chemistry, Electronics, Analytical equipments, Food services, Pharmaceutical, Real Estate, Wholesale trading and more. Domain of the project is also wide from product market strategies to sales force management, entry strategy, human resource management, and R&D activities to improve clients’ competitiveness.

To ensure the performance improvement of the clients, Ken has developed and conducted Problem Solving Skill Training programs to develop “thinking skills” of the individual members. Recently, he also developed Leadership Training Program for the managers and Interview Skill Training Program for the managers and sales people.

Practice of Problem Solving Approach, (Co-author with Kenichi Ohmae),Shogakukan, Japan, 2003

Essential for Problem Solving Professionals, Diamond, Japan, 2006

Taiwanese Version of Essential for Problem Solving Professionals,
Azoth Books, Taiwan, 2007

Problem Solving Skill for Sales, Goma Books, Japan, 2007


┃Director:Satoko Takeda
Graduated from Kobe University
After experienced Spring Research Program at McKinsey & Company, Satoko joined ForeSight & Company.
She has been involved in various projects such as the strategy development to enter Japanese market for European fertilizing company, designing business concept of real estate firm, planning financial model and developing sales skill of the sales people for car dealer, analysis of surrounding environment of the medicine manufacturer, and so on.
Especially, she is good at market analysis, evaluation of sales efficiency, competitive analysis, and customer research.
She has also been involved in producing training materials of business approach for franchised company and building problem solving skills for consulting firm.
In addition to producing such materials, she also conducts human resource development training for consulting firms.