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Top Message

president2Our mission is to help our client change to achieve sustainable growth and higher return on investment, not just to submit the report of analysis nor offer advice on the identified issues by the clients. To fulfill our mission, it is essential to find the critical issue of the client first and then to develop various measures to solve those issues. To ensure expecting performance of the client, we recommend both strategic solutions which are hard to conduct but gain higher performance and tactical improvement actions which promise better performance.

In addition to offering the measures as a logical conclusion, we think it is indispensable to design infrastructure such as skill development, database development, organizational structure, etc, to ensure recommended solutions are realized.

Lots of companies have been suffering from developing right strategy to strengthen its competitiveness. Why? This is simply because their customers and competitors are not same as before. Therefore, they should not depend its business operation on their past experiences, but on judgments resulted from fact base analysis on the target market and customers, competitors who threaten their important customers, and their own company’s weakness. We are happy to serve those potential clients who wish to change their company for achieving lasting business performance.

ForeSight & Company
President/Managing Director
Kenichi Saito