I offer training / training program aiming at the skill acquisition for problem solving.

Human Resource Development

We offer human resource development programs based on Problem Solving Approaches (PSA).
This PSA is not only offering logical thinking but also providing skills to change corporate performance through influencing people in the organization.

It is indispensable to identify the critical issues of the company first and then to develop various measures to solve those issues, especially when target market is stagnant and cannot stand any further growth by committing conventional business activities.

Under tough and very competitive business environment, Problem Solving Approach becomes an indispensable skill for the company to achieve sustainable growth.

Our focus on human resource development

● Deliver the program focusing on not to “Teach”, but to “develop them to drive themselves to superior growth” .
● Put the client’s interest ahead of our own.
● Broaden the way of thinking with using the real corporate/business cases.
● As the request of clients, change the contents of program or add other information for participants to the further development.
● Respect all opinions from participants and use them effectively.
● Explain significant points repeatedly so as to deepen participants’ understandings.
● Make trainings interesting and exciting for the participants.