ForeSight & Company’s mission is to help our clients achieve sustainable growth by offering “Professional Service for Problem Solving”.


To enhance client’s performance, it is essential to first find the most critical issues of the Clients. This will allow us to fully understand competitive situation of the clients, and develop concrete measures.


Human Resource Development

For a company to improve its performance, it is indispensable for the corporate members to have “Problem Solving Approaches”. Different from common trainings just dealing with the specific, specialized themes such as basic business skills or presentation skills, we aim to change the people to become real problem solver who could contribute directly to corporate performance.



SOLO is a “Logical thinking tool” for professional problem solvers, which helps develop convincing presentation materials


Other Activities

We organized two informal business community, Harumaki-Club in 1996 and Youha-KAI in 2011 for those people who are eager to grow themselves. Harumaki-Club’s regular meetings are held three times in Tokyo, while Youha-Kai regular meeting are held 5~6 times a year in Tokyo,Osaka,Nagoya,Fukuoka, and in other country where Youha-Kai members are ubhabited.

(Japanese) 変革を行うときにはソフトランディングは無理で、それを志向すると、“途中墜落”で終わってしまう。


from "(Japanese) 改革のためのハードランディング"


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  • 2016/05/09
  • (Japanese) 「はじめての問題解決力トレーニング」 2016年5月13日発刊 ダイヤモンド社:これまでよりもずっとわかりやすく、初心者の方を想定した書籍が発行されました。斎藤顕一と竹内さと子の共著となります
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  • 2013/07/20
  • (Japanese) 週刊東洋経済 2013年7月20日号の特集(マッキンゼー学校-最強メソッド&全人脈-)に斎藤の誌上講義が掲載
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  • 2012/09/21
  • (Japanese) DIAMONDハーバード・ビジネス・レビュー オンラインで、斎藤顕一の営業プロフェッショナル養成講座 連載開始

YOWA-KAI is an organization for the present students and alumni who are learning and have learned Ken’s “Problem Solving Program” at BBT, which was established in 2011. Over 1000 students and alumni have attended YOUWA-KAI sponsored meetings. It is named from “What’s the point?” in Kansai dialect Japanese, which is the essential of problem solving.(facebook / "YOUWA-KAI"homepage